Traveling with pets: No-deal Brexit might make it some distance harder

LONDON (AP) — All throughout Europe, families, and couples on holiday are seamlessly crossing borders with their loved dog, cat or maybe ferret, way to the European Union Pet Passport scheme. Now, as a no-deal Brexit looms as an opportunity for Britain, free puppy tour is under risk. If the U.K. leaves the European Union […]

From Sleepless in Singapore to $70 Million for Budget Hotels

Amit Saberwal went through many a sleepless night time whilst he first commenced pitching the idea that has become Southeast Asia’s pinnacle online budget-motels service, RedDoorz. Few financiers paid attention returned then to a center-aged former hotel sales executive. His imaginative and prescient of excellent $20-a-night rooms seemed impractical for a in large part omitted […]

11 interesting methods to discover Antarctica

(CNN) — Once upon a time, there was basically most effective one manner for an ordinary person to visit Antarctica — mountain climbing aboard a small cruise ship and traveling the frozen continent en masse with masses of different passengers. Since the legendary Lars-Eric Lindblad led the first traveler’s day trip in 1966, journeying the […]