Vegan snowboarder Niki Kelly announced her arrival in international competition with a place at the Freeride World Tour.

The excursion took snowboarders to mountains in Austria, Japan, Kelly’s native Canada, and Andorra wherein they encountered a diffusion of situations.

“Every region I visited turned into so one-of-a-kind,” Kelly told Great Vegan Athletes. “I become so humbled to experience these first-rate faces round the world. “Japan turned into the maximum distinctive compared to where I commonly educate at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden BC Canada.”
On excursion

“The snow in Japan changed into quite dense which required you to adjust your technique while sending it off capabilities. I without a doubt cherished it. The other stops on the excursion had been super as nicely, and precisely the style of mountains I enjoy driving and pushing myself on.”

With a high trendy, she has a hard advent she coped properly with. “There had been u.S.And downs as with any game. But ultimately being at the Freeride World Tour challenged me and allowed me to travel the world, all while assembly new people. The revel in became valuable.”
Vegan gasoline

A few troubles remained with finding vegan food, even though there was not anything too troubling. “Most of the difficulties were because being at the tour was a tight time table with a whole lot of journeying in between stops,” she said.

“Usually I’m very good at having packed snacks and meals, or I can effortlessly get myself to a grocery keep and locate what I need. Figuring out the logistics to accomplish that become the hardest part.

“I found Japan one of the easiest locations even though there has been the most important language barrier. Once you may give an explanation for which you desired vegan they were very willing to house.”
‘Growing from the experience’

The excursion changed into a incredible risk for the athlete to examine in one-of-a-kind environments, and she or he has greater events deliberate.

“I would love to compete on the Freeride World Qualifying occasions subsequent 12 months to try and advantage a spot returned on the Freeride World Tour for 2021. Now that I actually have found out a lot I’d like to move lower back and observe what I even have learned.

“I additionally recently competed in my first ever Boarderstyle occasion put on with the aid of Monster Energy. It is a circuit of events that take area in western Canada. The exceptional manner to explain the sport is sort of a hybrid of boardercross, slopestyle, and an obstacle direction.

“I additionally plan on enjoying the relaxation of the snowboard season driving some spring conditions, which I locate is high-quality for park using. Lastly, I’m going to retain with my blog over the summer season. I’m even taking into account applying the lessons I’ve learned with traveling as a vegan into that blog.”

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