My adventures with Nations have never been dull, nor wont for a great tale. Traveling on the project has brought me to those who live the maximum adventurous, self-sacrificial lives. Whether I’m riding horses bareback inside the jungles of Thailand with the Eubank own family, worshipping in mystery Cuban residence church buildings with Pastor Manuel, or hiking thru the faraway hills of Nicaragua on a heritage excursion with Mauricio Rodriguez, I am continuously awed and humbled by means of the reports supplied to me by way of the reformers that we feature.

Simply put, touring with Nations has enriched my life. It has pierced the self-shielding bubble endorsed with the aid of my Western way of life. It has given me my closest pals, my favorite foods, and my fondest recollections. While no longer every body will have the opportunity to embark on a Nations-sanctioned ride, I need to offer you the identical tools, guidelines, and values we travel through in order that your eyes may be opened to what God is as much as in the global’s most beautiful, unassuming locations.
Values and philosophy

We journey to get toward humanity—to construct bridges, no longer walls.

We tour to find and tell stories, due to the fact narrative drives empathy, and empathy drives connection.

When storytelling, we recollect those regions of context:


We need to apprehend the records of the u . S . And place in which we’re operating. Each tale have to provide enough records to provide context to the prevailing.


It is essential to recognize the political image of a place without aligning with any particular birthday party/ideology.

Culture / humanity:

What is specific and what’s common? Consider food, humor, family, training, and so on.

We take a look at three regions of atmospherics:

1. What does it sense like?

2. What does it sound like?

3. What does it flavor like?

And we ask those questions of ourselves:

Where is the contrast? To the USA, and to every other?

What brings pleasure? Where is the sorrow or hurt?

What or who’s the mouthpiece for this tale?

What can be learned and implemented, individually in addition to for the reader?

What do they do here higher than anywhere else within the international?

Over the years at Nations, we would often ask each other, “What would Bourdain do?” Chef, tv character, and creator Anthony Bourdain became an significant affect on us as tourists and storytellers. He highlighted the honor and beauty of the maximum not noted places. He helped us discover not unusual humanity in a shared meal. He became an super listener and a global-class storyteller. And he inspired us to take in his mantle and proportion extra memories of splendor and wish. We love this moving tribute to his existence and legacy: “…His storytelling—each about kitchen lifestyles and meals way of life—famous the multifaceted photo of God meditated in all of humanity and the driving desire for belonging and communion.”
Tips and hints to travel like Nations

Skip the journey publications and ask the locals what to look. Ask your Uber driver, Airbnb host, or restaurant waiter for their recommendations; it’s safe to anticipate they understand their manner around and they’re constantly happy to assist.

If you find yourself in an extended vehicle experience with a taxi/Uber driving force, use that time to strike up communication. Ask them what they love about their metropolis. You may learn a bit of thrilling records or listen a brand new angle you’ve in no way considered.

Stay with locals whenever feasible (Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Homestay, and many others.) This direction is typically cheaper than hotels and gives a more proper experience.

Eat with locals. Ask them approximately their favored meals. In the words of Tony, “you analyze lots about a person when you percentage a meal together.” Oh, and don’t be frightened of avenue meals. Some of the first-rate food of my lifestyles had been eaten instantly off the spit even as perched on a sidewalk.

Learn some key terms within the local language (i.E. Hi there, thank you, goodbye) to use with locals. It’s a small but dignifying gesture that is going a long way in building connection. The Duolingo app is a a laugh manner to bolster your basics, and with sufficient regular use, you may even become conversational.

When conducting Nations (or different religion-associated) interviews, pray with subjects first to set the tone. My high-quality tales have been the end result of letting God guide the verbal exchange.

TSA precheck/Global Entry is a painless funding you can make that will save you hours in the long run. An $85, 5-12 months club with TSA Pre will get you thru domestic protection strains quicker. While thousands and thousands of oldsters have jumped on board with this application, many are unaware of Global Entry. You pay a little bit more and attend a 30 minute interview at a CBP station, however it consists of TSA Pre and permits you to breeze via customs on every occasion you come back to the United States.

Travel convey-on whenever viable— you’re much less probable to lose your bags, and it’s a whole lot much less cumbersome. We fee the capacity to be nimble, specifically in rapid-paced conditions. I’m keen on Osprey’s journey packs. (Because let’s face it, not anything says “observe me, I’m a traveller” more than wheeling an unwieldy suitcase down a cobblestone avenue or dirt road.)

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