After first visiting Kyrgyzstan in 2018, landscape photographer Albert Dros observed himself enamored with the landlocked usa in Central Asia. Its mountainous terrain provides unending dramatic landscapes and is packed with enough peaks and valleys to make any photographer’s coronary heart melt. Now on his third visit to the united states of america, Dros took the opportunity to discover a place he’d previously missed. During his explorations of southern Kyrgyzstan, Dros now not simplest photographed the extraordinary landscapes but additionally the people he encountered along the manner. As a result, his new paintings gives a vision of his developing love affair with the united states of america. Largely untouched by means of tourism, Kyrgyzstan offers Dros a easy slate from which to paintings. By getting into this uncharted territory, he’s loose to explore his artistry with out worry of replicating what’s been performed earlier than.

Thankfully, Dros is generous in his preference to proportion the wealthy way of life of Kyrgyzstan with the arena. From the excessive reaches of Lenin Peak to the deep valleys full of yurts, the united states’s herbal splendor is no longer a thriller to the sector at large. By presenting this roadmap, the Dutch photographer hopes to encourage others to assignment out into new regions and discover that which has but to be discovered.

We had the hazard to talk with Dros approximately why Kyrgyzstan is so significant to him and what he observed at some point of his state-of-the-art ride. Read on for My Modern Met’s extraordinary interview.
What is it about Kyrgyzstan that keeps drawing you back as a photographer?

I first visited Kyrgyzstan closing 12 months. My lady friend is from Kyrgyzstan so this changed into the main motive for my go to. Last yr I visited her own family for the primary time and when you consider that then I already visited the u . S . Two more times. But it’s manifestly now not only my girlfriend’s roots and her circle of relatives that continues me coming returned. I love nature and I love mountains. And that’s exactly what Kyrgyzstan has to offer.

The landscapes are in reality untouched and tourism is virtually just upcoming right now, but nevertheless at a very early segment. There are such a lot of stunning landscapes there simply ready to be explored. And that is exactly why I maintain coming again—discover new mountains, new valleys, new canyons, new the entirety essentially.
Why did making a decision to consciousness on the south of Kyrgyzstan this time round and how long have been you there?

My remaining go to became my 1/3 go to in total. I had explored the east of the usa especially around Issyk Kul Lake and the Karakol location. But I didn’t visit the south yet. One of the high peaks named Lenin Peak, which measures over 7000 meters, may be located in the south. I genuinely wanted to discover this place and this is what I desired to discover this journey.

I determined to fly south to the second largest city in the country (Osh) and from there traveled to Lenin Peak. The south is very scenic and one-of-a-kind than the rest of the usa with distinctive kind of landscapes. That’s why I decided to force returned to Bishkek by using car and go to some places while I was inside the location anyway. My remaining go to to Kyrgyzstan become approximately 3 weeks but I additionally spent lots of time with the own family and buddies of my girlfriend because her sister was getting married and I become attending a wedding. An high-quality revel in!
Did the area meet your expectations?

Most in reality. When I met my girlfriend, I had by no means even heard of the us of a Kyrgyzstan. I commenced to do studies and determined a few snap shots, however now not ‘real’ images from expert photographers. But from the matters I found—especially on Instagram—I saw that this united states had quite a few capability. My expectations were met and substantially passed. I preserve coming back and I am already planning a new experience.
What become the fave landscape you encountered?

Kyrgyzstan has a brilliant sort of landscapes. You can find 7,000-meter peaks right here, however additionally mountains that strike a cord in me of areas in Europe. I additionally determined a place named Sary-Chelek which has lots of vegetables or even hills like in Tuscany. Then there are masses of components of the united states of america that are absolutely dry with canyons. I explored that region on my 2d go to to the country. CNN did a few pieces and video about this trip; they had been with me for every week with a video crew.

On this visit, I explored a few unexplored canyon areas and did specially night pictures and drone photography. This united states combines many landscapes from all over the global in just a unmarried u . S . A ., that’s honestly precise. I assume my preferred areas to date are the areas around Karakol where you could discover untouched valleys at the border near China. These regions have a unique ecosystem to them. I genuinely can’t describe it. You should see and sense it for your self. It’s just vacancy, rivers, and massive mountains everywhere. You will even discover many wild eagles here.

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