When you picture New York City, a few very unique things come to thoughts: Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the view from the top of the Empire State Building.

While those are all iconic sites for sure, they’re also terrific crowded, steeply-priced, and there’s often a more relaxed and extra proper opportunity to explore.

I’ve lived in New York City my entire lifestyles (Brooklyn born and raised!), and I’ve never once been to the pinnacle of the Empire State Building — and that isn’t because I don’t love a super view of the skyline. I’m simply as captivated with getting a fantastic photograph for Instagram of my place of birth as all of us else; I simply recognize where to move for a higher shot.

Between my information growing up in this crazy city and passing the take a look at to turn out to be a tour manual (sure, New York City requires all publications to have a Sightseeing Guide license — and, yes, the take a look at is hard), I know there are all styles of super websites, neighborhoods and activities that most traffic to the Big Apple sincerely miss.

But don’t fear, I’m right here to help. Here are some of the maximum crowded and touristy places in New York City, and what you have to do as a substitute.
Lady Liberty is honestly one of the maximum recognizable and inspiring sights in New York. But among the long lines to board a ferry, the price ticket expenses that can quickly add up for an own family and braving the crowds while you land on the island, no one would blame you if you were wondering whether or no longer it was worth it. And while you eventually get there, the perspective at which you come to be searching up at this icon of American freedom maybe sort of disappointing.

While getting an excellent view of the skyline is undoubtedly a should while you go to New York City (or live here for that depend), the view from the top of the Empire State Building isn’t the first-rate you may get. Yes, you will be excessive up on the 86th Floor Observatory, but your skyline images could be lacking one of the first-class parts of the skyline: the Empire State Building itself.

Instead, pass the lines and the pricey tickets and head across the bridge to Queens. From Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, you can snap panoramic pix of the skyline with the Empire State Building, an Art Deco jewel, also, to seeing the iconic Pepsi-Cola signal (which was landmarked a few years ago). And at the same time as you’re there, revel in the 12-acre riverside getaway with playgrounds, picnic tables and restored gantries, once used to load and dump rail automobile floats and barges.

Instead, hop at the Staten Island Ferry, that is loose and provides some of the subtle perspectives of the Statue of Liberty and the downtown skyline — manner better than you’d get via virtually being on the island. It departs regularly from the Whitehall Terminal and even operates on vacations. And after you’re in Staten Island, you can do a little purchasing on the state-of-the-art Empire Outlets, proper after the ferry terminal.

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