One of the pleasant saved secrets in the North Bay is Benicia. The fascinating, historic metropolis served as California’s 0.33 capital, beginning in 1823, for 12 months. Today, it is a amazing place for a weekend getaway – or to name domestic.
This weekend makes for a outstanding possibility to check out the scene in Benicia in the course of the town’s annual Waterfront Festival which takes place on the First Street Green at First and B Streets.
The competition features companies, song (do not leave out Foreverland, the 14-piece tribute to Michael Jackson on Saturday and Neon Velvet, the alt dance and new wave cowl band, on Sunday), and plenty of own family pleasant a laugh.
However, like any exact festival, the food and drinks alternatives may be overwhelming. Here’s your manual on what to consume and drink at the Benicia Waterfront Festival.
Start with the kettle corn

One of the fine approaches to get your bearings at any competition is to grab and cross – clutch an smooth to walk-and-eat snack and move wander. Head to the Crêpes Divine (yup, they have got crêpes, too) stand and buy a massive lower back of sparkling cooked kettle corn (pictured left) to enjoy along with your pals even as checking out the scene.
Grab an artichoke filled with shrimp

Straight outta Castro Valley comes M&J Culinary Creation. They concentrate on matters: steamed artichokes and bay shrimp. While you can enjoy a steamed artichoke, drenched in butter, alongside a bay shrimp cocktail – why no longer combine both? That’s what M&J offers: steamed artichokes stuffed with bay shrimp. It’s the maximum California of all fair ingredients.
Go Korean or move home

Meyer’s Fine Foods focuses on grilled goodness with a focus on Korean cuisine. Grab and go along with a teriyaki stick (pictured above left) or find a seat to chow down on a bowl of beef bulgogi. They normally promote out in their food, so get there early.
Fuel up with a bacon, cheese and sour cream topped baked potato

Dancing and shopping at festivals requires quite a few electricity and a carb up with the help of a baked potato is just what the health practitioner ordered. Head to Outta of This World, a normal at the Benicia Farmers Market, for a loaded baked potato (pictured above right). If you want your sugar repair, they also sell deep fried Oreos and Twinkies.
Organic gyro, everyone?

Yup, it’s a issue. Novato’s Ultimate Souvlaki will be serving gyros and seasonal Greek cuisine. While you can move for the fowl (pictured left) or lamb, additionally they have swordfish and octopus gyros – an extraordinary twist at the classic Greek sandwich. All their seafood is Seafood Watch certified and substances are all organic.
Fill up on a Philly cheesesteak

Philly cheesesteaks are the various maximum popular eats at Solano County festivals – cross discern. A food seller aptly named Philly Cheesesteak can be serving up just that, as well as burgers and warm puppies. Get there early, they probably will sell out of their cheesesteaks!

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