I am a workplace boy/tailor operating for a uniform employer. My business enterprise is dealing with extreme monetary issues because there is little work coming in, and it could have to close down. I have been running for the company on account that past due remaining yr but am simplest in the third month at the company visa. The settlement is for two years. What compensation should I acquire if my company closes or desires to cancel my permit? FJ, Dubai

If a person has a restrained-time period agreement, there are precise phrases that follow if they’re made redundant. Under UAE Labour Law, as relevant to all private mainland agencies and accompanied through most free zones, Article 115 of the regulation applies. This states: “Should the employment contract be of a determined period, and the enterprise rescinds same … he will be bound to compensate the worker for the harm incurred to it, furnished that the compensation quantity does now not exceed anyhow the full salary due for three months or for the last length of the agreement, whichever is shorter unless in any other case stipulated inside the settlement.” This way that FJ should be paid the equal of three months’ earnings as a form of compensation. As the period of service is shorter than 12 calendar months, no cease of carrier gratuity is payable.

The length of the provider makes little difference to the amount due for the early termination of the agreement even though it regards that a visa became only issued many months after FJ started paintings with the organisation. The employer becomes breaking the law, as became the worker, however perhaps extra importantly, FJ turned into not blanketed via UAE employment laws while he turned into operating without a visa. Had there been any troubles he would no longer have had the proper of criminal recourse or been assisted using the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. All employers have to observe for the appropriate visa or paintings allow while a person begins paintings with them in any other case, they’re breaking the law and can be a challenging to fines and restrictions on future visa packages. There is a grace duration of up to 60 days throughout which a visa may be finalised, but a software ought to be made at the outset.
My son desires to visit me in the UAE in September. However, his American passport expires at the quit of November. He has already booked his flight, and might make adjustments, so will he be allowed to go into the UAE if there are simply months left on his passport? If he is allowed in, can he then renew the visa at the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi even as he is right here? CK, Abu Dhabi

For all UAE visitors who are not GCC nationals, a passport ought to be valid for as a minimum six months beyond the date of entry to the UAE. This is popular for pretty much each us of a within the world for all tourists and traffic, no matter where they may be from. Without the required validity, the airline will now not commonly permit a person to test in for a flight. Even although we listen to cases in which an airline is extra lenient, this is usually for UAE citizens with at the least three months’ validity on their passport. CK’s son have to renew his passport before he travels, but if he has already booked his flight, he must additionally notify the airline of an alternate of passport quantity while the brand new one is acquired to avoid problems on the airport.

CK’s son needs not then to need to contact the United States Embassy in Abu Dhabi for passport renewal, but that is a service that the Embassy affords for US residents. Its ordinary turnaround time is six to eight weeks, and the provider is meant for the use of US nationals resident in the UAE, except someone loses a passport even as journeying.
I am a vacationer with an international Malaysian driving licence. I am touring to the UAE quickly, so is it possible to drive in the Emirates in the course of my go-to duration? HM, Malaysia

Under UAE regulation, any traveller can hire a rented vehicle supplied they have the ideal office work. This will undoubtedly be a full and legitimate driving licence, and in many instances an International Driving Permit, specifically if their domestic, us of a grant isn’t always in Arabic or English. In every case, the car rental agency will affirm their necessities, and this could generally consist of fee through credit card.

Driving a privately owned automobile is distinct and can vary using the emirate. It is regularly based totally on a man or woman’s domestic united states and where their riding licence became issued. Specific approval have to be received by way of the organisation that ensures the automobile, in writing, and permission, if given, is typically constrained to shut family of the automobile owner.

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