Plans to strengthen the Welsh food and drink zone and promote its increase over the next decade have been unveiled at the Royal Welsh Show.

The Welsh authorities’s new plan for 2020-26 builds on the present day Towards Sustainable Growth programme, beneath which the sector is in advance of agenda to fulfill its formidable goal of £7bn turnover.

Launching the session at the Royal Welsh Show on Tuesday (23 July), Welsh rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths stated she changed into in search of to gather the perspectives of people throughout the supply chain.
Since the Welsh authorities launched its first food and drinks motion plan in 2014, the arena has grown from an annual turnover of £three.8bn in 2013 to £4.8bn.

Over this identical period, turnover inside the Welsh meals and farming enterprise has risen from £five.7bn to £6.8bn. Exports have jumped from £399m to £539m.
Wales’ food and drinks supply chain employs 217,000 people, which include fifty five,000 directly in agriculture.

“Our imaginative and prescient is to create a sturdy and colourful Welsh food and drink sector, with a worldwide recognition for excellence, having one of the maximum environmentally and socially accountable deliver chains within the world,” Mrs Griffiths said.

To reap this, the session has identified three specific objectives:

To develop groups’ scale, value and productiveness via focused investment, assist, innovation and co-operative hobby in the course of the supply chains.
To gain people and society by means of offering attractive careers and fair work.
To create and communicate a international popularity for Wales as a food country by way of showcasing the world via Taste Wales, developing and dwelling sustainable logo values.

Andy Richardson, chairman of the Welsh government’s Food and Drink Board, explains how and why you should have your say at the consultation.

What is the aim of the consultation?
It’s the next stage of our increase trajectory, so as to take us beyond 2020. We have validated we’ve got the capability to grow. We have long past from £5bn to £7bn. We agree with there is large ability to expand further based totally on a backdrop of healthy food produced with exact provenance and brought price.

What are the components?
The first objective could be very commercial and includes growing our businesses. It’s about growth and management and presence on the sector degree. Secondly, it’s about selling Brand Wales, being clean about its values and how we can add price. Third, it’s approximately the way it benefits our society and surroundings – developing talents and lifetime learning.

Who can respond?
Basically, each person concerned in Wales’ meals supply chain. If you want it, please inform us which bits you like most. If there are bits that need improving, or you feel we may additionally have ignored, allow us to recognize. More importantly, tell us what you will do to make it consistent with our ambition.

Is there whatever particular farmers must recognise?
Yes. We are trying to link this consultation to the Welsh government’s Farming and Our Land consultation. Ultimately, we want these consultations to align. We need farmers to think difficult about how those consultations help every different.

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