Surrounded with the aid of prolific ranges of mountains on one facet and by using black soil on the alternative aspect, Gokak is located about 70 km far from Belagavi district. It’s positioned on the juncture of two prominent rivers: Ghataprabha and Markandeya. According to history, for the reason that colonial generation, hydroelectric strength has been generated from these rivers to Gokak Mills, which became one of the largest manufacturers of yarns.
Godchinamalki Falls

Located 15 km away from Gokak is that this lovely falls, also recognized a Markandeya Falls, as it is located at the Markandeya river. This falls is situated in a deep green valley. June to September is considered as the top season for travelers. Markandeya river falls from a height of 25 metres and additionally has a dam known as Shirur Dam throughout the river.
Toy Factory

Gokak is thought for its toy-making craft, which exsists even these days. Doll-making is taken into consideration as a booming enterprise and Gokak being the foremost centre of this enterprise, it occupies an essential function within the state for the equal. Varieties of wooden, such as hariwala, polki and hale are used to carve out the toys, which usually take styles of fruits, greens, animals, birds, and extra. The hues used for decoration are very sensible. These toys are observed in 144 versions.
Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary is understood for many migratory birds, which include the Demoiselle crane, European white stork, and others. The sanctuary encompasses a place of 28 km of Ghataprabha river. November to March is the best time to go to the sanctuary as maximum of the migratory chook species nest here.
Gokak Falls

Resembling the Niagara Falls on a smaller scale, Gokak Falls is fashioned via the powerful River Ghataprabha and is 6 km faraway from Gokak metropolis. Rainy season is considered as the first-rate season to go to because the river receives mixed with the quality dust and thick brownish water flows at a top of 52 metres with a deafening roar.
Hidkal Dam is located across River Ghataprabha. According to ancient inscriptions, the monuments of the Chalukyan generation had been located at the rocky canyon here. A Chalukyan-fashion temple, which is devoted to Lord Mahalingeshwara, may be discovered right here.

Karadantu is a sugary dish that is well-known in Gokak. It has a chewy texture and is made from dry fruits. Gram flour and jaggery are the other components. The making of karadantu is traced lower back to the pre-Independence generation whilst Dundappa Kalburgi used to promote the chocolates inside the marketplace. Many travelers revel in this delicacy whilst in Gokak. Belagavi, which is 70 km from Gokak, is very well-known for kunda, which is made of khowa and milk. History says that this sweet delicacy was prepared via ‘Purohits’ belonging to Rajasthani households who had migrated to Belagavi inside the 6th century AD.
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