Abu Dhabi: The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has warned Indians now not to come to the UAE on go to visa, bypassing Indian emigration regulations. The caution comes after numerous ladies ended up in deep problem within the past years and the assignment rescued them from the clutches of unscrupulous sellers, a pinnacle embassy professional instructed Gulf News.

India has banned emigration of housemaids beneath 30 and eligible women can leave the usa on an employment visa only thru the eMigrate machine that ensures their welfare and safety.

Gulf News got here throughout four such women who approached the embassy for help after going via worrying reports on the hands of unscrupulous recruitment sellers and employers.

Navdeep Singh Suri, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, said: “All those girls have come thru with the assist of illegal retailers on go to visas to UAE. We have time and again recommended our nationals not to come to UAE via the illegal agent route.”

“They have been promised jobs but faced hardships right here. We have initiated the process in their secure repatriation and are also informing the country authorities in India,” the ambassador said.

“We are also advising them to approach the regulation enforcement groups in India so that movement towards illegal marketers who had lured them to come to UAE, can be initiated,” Suri said.

But many Indian girls, especially those who are beneath 30, come on go to visas from specific components of the us of a and paintings as home enables inside the UAE. This lands them in special varieties of issues, the legit said.

So a ways, more than 400 domestic people in distress have approached the embassy in Abu Dhabi and the consulate in Dubai during the last two years on visit/vacationer visas.

Smita Pant, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, said the women who come on go to visas to the UAE face massive troubles. They are denied wages, visa, health playing cards and proper food. So they fled from their clutches and sought help from the assignment. “Now the task is repatriating them,” she said. “More than four hundred such cases have been dealt with by using the Indian missions in beyond years,” she introduced.

She asserted that emigration check required [ECR] passport holders shouldn’t come on visit visas for task searches.

“We are operating with nation governments in India too, to address the problems and take suitable prison motion towards illegal dealers to exploit these ladies and send on go to visas for employment,” Pant stated.

Dimpal, 24, from the north Indian nation of Punjab, landed in Dubai from Delhi on a one-month visit visa and was saved at an agent’s office in Sharjah with none activity.

“I become forced to sleep at the ground. I came on July 6 and the following day they despatched me to a residence in Fujairah to paintings. The residence has 22 rooms and 10 lavatories, and I was alone there to easy it all. I needed to paintings 16 hours a day and I become handled badly and gave little leftover and partially eaten meals,” she said.

She came on three months tourist visa and gave Rs22,000 [Dh1,173] to the agent. Upon entering the house, her luggage turned into inspected and he or she changed into restrained from stepping out of the villa. Her passport became taken by way of the company.

“After one week, the house proprietor dropped me again to the corporation saying he become no longer happy together with her work. I informed the business enterprise that I desired to move lower back to India but they asked me to pay Rs150,000. Then I went to the Indian Consulate in Dubai for help. Now I need to head back home,” Dimpal stated.

Maryam, 38, from Andhra Pradesh, came to Al Ain and she or he worked for 10 months at a Dh1,000 profits. Her residency visa turned into no longer stamped and turned into compelled stay illegally with out even a fitness card.

“I insisted them to get me a residency visa however they denied and that they dropped me in a park and fled.” She additionally sought the consulate’s assist.

Simran, 22, from Firozpur District in the North Indian State of Punjab, who came on July 8 after paying Rs35,000. “In the apartment, I stayed there with 25 women of various nationalities and if all people protested, the retailers burdened them and physically attack them. Even they roughed up a lady in the front of me who desired to move back. Seeing such awful circumstance, I become so scared from daily tortures. So I decided to go back home.”

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