French startup Cozycozy.Com desires to make it simpler to look for accommodation throughout a huge range of offerings. This isn’t the primary aggregator inside the area and possibly no longer the closing one. But this time, it isn’t just about accommodations.

When you plan a journey with a couple of stops, possibilities are you turn out to be with a dozen tabs of different offerings — on Airbnb to examine listings, on a inn review platform and on a hotel booking platform. Each carrier shows exceptional fees and has a exclusive stock.

While there are a ton of offerings available, maximum of them belong to simply 3 corporations: Booking Holdings (Booking.Com, Priceline, Kayak, Agoda…), Expedia Group (Expedia, Hotels.Com, HomeAway, Trivago…) and TripAdvisor (TripAdvisor, HouseTrip, Oyster…). They all perform many special offerings as a way to address as many markets and as many segments as possible.

Cozycozy.Com wants to simplify that system through aggregating a ton of offerings in a single interface — you may locate inns, Airbnb listings, campsites, hostels, boats, home-changing residences… You can filter your results through price or you may exclude some accommodation patterns.

The employer doesn’t work with inns and doesn’t take care of bookings directly. Instead, the service searches throughout all the standard suspects. When you want to book, you get redirected to the original list on Airbnb, Booking.Com, Hostelworld, and so on.

The startup currently raised a $four.Five million investment round (€4 million) from Daphni, CapDecisif, Raise and plenty of exclusive business angels, including Xavier Niel, Thibaud Elzière and Eduardo Ronzano.

Cozycozy.Com co-founder and chairman Pierre Bonelli additionally previously based Liligo.Com. It is one of the maximum famous flight evaluation internet site in France. It turned into obtained through SNCF in 2010 after which eDreams ODIGEO in 2013.

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