GRAND ISLE—Friday’s 2nd-day leaderboard from the 3-day 91st-annual International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo with anglers, their hometowns (while available; boat name and boat captain listed in tag & launch divisions) and weight of their catches in pounds and oz… The Redfish Stringer class is the load of five redfish measuring at the very least 16 inches however less than 27 inches (ties damaged via earliest fish weighed):

About one mile from the trailhead, you’ll come to the waterfall area. There is only one creek here, but there are three named waterfalls. First, you can take a side trail to the right for a limited view of Hardy Falls, the lowest of the waterfalls. Back on the main trail, continue a few hundred yards and go left on a side trail that ends at a railed lookout to a view of the two upper falls, Pool of Winds, and Rodney Falls. Return to the main path and switchback down to a sturdy footbridge below the falls and down to the footbridge.
Beyond the Hardy Creek ridge, climb uphill less than a quarter-mile to a junction with Hardy Creek Trail. Take the “more difficult” route to the right and climb the steep trail thru the forest. Soon, the path switches back beneath the first of Hamiltons many cliff faces. Follow the steep switchbacks leading up a cliffed edged ridge, and you will be rewarded with spectacular views across the Columbia River at a spot locally known as “Little Hamilton Mountain”. One more steep mile to go until you reach a T-shaped junction at the summit Ridgecrest. The path to the right is a dead-end at Hamilton’s peak, 2488′, but the view there is somewhat obscured by brush. Turn around and follow the Ridgecrest trail downhill toward the north plateau with better viewings of Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and Table Mountain, as well as the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.


No entries, nor in Tarpon Tag & Release

Dolphin: 1, Beau Baudoin, Lockport, 25 kilos, 4 oz.

Blackfin Tuna: 1, Gilbert Bustamante, Luling, 23-2. 2, Nicholas Daigle, Raceland, 22-8. 3, Jonathan Scully, Berwick, 21-10.

Yellowfin Tuna: 1, Blake Daigle, Raceland, 128-0.

No entries in Blue Marlin, Wahoo nor in Big Game Tag & Release

Amberjack: Closed season.

Barracuda: 1, Melvin Richard Jr., Metairie, sixteen-6.

Bluefish: 1, Logan Guidry, Cut Off, 2-14. 2, Guidry, 2-10. Three, James Cifreo, Ventress, 1-8.

Cobia: 1, Vance Mitchell, Prairieville, 42-0. 2, Joseph Baudoin, Thibodaux, 24-four. Three, Tara Guidry, Galliano, 21-14.

Grouper: 1, Jonathan Scully, Berwick, 32-10. 2, Scully, 15-12.

Jack Crevalle: 1, Douglas Waitz, Houma, 27-12. 2, Reid Dampier, Boutte, 26-4. Three, Thomas Dicicco, Laport, Texas, 24-10.

King Mackerel: 1, Melvin Richard Jr., Metairie, forty seven-2. 2, Richard, 33-12. Three, Richard, 25-12.

Spanish Mackerel: 1, John Brady, Tupelo, Mississippi, 4-2. 2, Nolan Fourrier, Port Barre, 3-0. Three, Maury Giachelly, Tupelo, Mississippi, 2-four.

Mangrove Snapper: 1, Summer Stevens, Prairieville, 9-8. 2, Logan Guidry, Cut Off, nine-6. 3, Brook Rispone, Pride, 8-14.

Red Snapper: 1, Clayton Hurdle, Rosedale, 22-10. 2, Brook Fuller, Vincennes, Indiana, 19-14. 3, Jake Noel, Luling, 18-12.

Spadefish: 1, Tara Guidry, Galliano, 1-12. 2, Guidry, 1-10. 3, Kenny Acosta, Donaldsonville, 1-eight.

No entries Bonito nor Tripletail

Croaker: 1, Joseph Baudoin, Thibodaux, 4-6. 2, Mike LeBlanc, Prairieville, 0-6. 2, LeBlanc, zero-4.

Gafftopsail Catfish: 1, Rob Muller, Slidell, four-zero. 2, Davie Breaux, Cut Off, 3-6. 3, Michelle Melancon, Marrero, 3-zero.

Black Drum: 1, Brett Babin, Raceland, 36-10. 2, Joseph Gray, Slidell, 34-2. 3, Melvin Richard Jr., Metairie, 28-8.

Flounder: 1, Beau Blanchard, New Iberia, 2-12. 2, Blanchard, 2-2. 3, Terrell Swain, Harvey, 1-8.

Redfish: 1, Terry White, Paradis, 35-6. 2, Malcolm Torres, New Orleans, 33-2. 3, Ronald Musacchia, Destrehan, 31-2.

Redfish Stringer: 1, KearyMelancon, New Orleans, 37-10. 2, Jason Bouvail, Montz, 34-10. Three, Ken Sullivan, Madison, Mississippi, 34-four.

Sheepshead: 1, Cameron Seipel, Boutte, 4-4. 2, Wayne Campbell, Thibodaux, four-0. 3, Troy Schexnaydre, Gonzales, 3-12.

Speckled Trout: 1, Jackson Chestang, Chonchula, Alabama, four-10. 2, Martin Svendson, Baton Rouge, four-four. 3, Jodie Arneson, Golden Meadow, 3-14.

White Trout: 1, Jared Fontenot, Baton Rouge, 2-zero. 2, Nolan Fourrrier, Port Barre, 1-14. 3, Connor Shally, Gonzales, 1-8.

Redfish: 1, Garie Williamson, Kenner, four-eight. 2, Davie Breaux, Cut Off, 2-2.

Redfish Stringer: 1, Gaire Williamson, Kenner, 15-12.

Speckled Trout: 1, Lance Burgos, Baton Rouge, four-2. 2, David Breaux, Cut Off, 1-0. Three, Gaire Williamson, Kenner, zero-12.

Hardhead Catfish: 1, Luca Perez, Hardin, Texas, 2-eight. 2, Perez, 2-8. 3, Jack Lusco, Lockport, 2-6.

Gafftopsail Catfish: 1, Alaina Cifreo, Ventress, 2-8. 2, Zoe Chaisson, Luling, 2-zero. 3, Ethan Lusco, Raceland, 1-four.

Channel Mullet: 1, Cole Trosclair, Thibodaux, zero-12. 2, Brody Trosclair, Thibodaux, 0-10. Three, Mason Munch, Kenner, 0-10.

Croaker: 1, Wyatt Butcher, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, zero-four. 2, Mason Munch, Kenner, 0-4. Three, Eli Barden, Mandeville, zero-1.

Flounder: 1, Zoe Chaisson, Luling, 1-2. 2, Spencer Guilbeau, Cut Off, zero-14.

Redfish (much less than 27 inches): 1, Allie Harmon, Boutte, 6-4. 2, Reid Dampier, Boutte, 6-2. Three, Mason Pierre, Brusly, 5-zero.

Speckled Trout: 1, Brody Skelton, Baton Rouge, three-14. 2, Madison Pierre, Brusly, 2-14. Three, Alaina Cifreo, Ventress, 2-10.

White Trout: 1, Alaina Cifreo, Ventress, 0-10. 2, Cifreo, 0-6. Three, Jack Lusco, Lockport, zero-6.

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